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Message from
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The Fruit - A Powerful Trading Strategy [Archived]

Fruit - Get in the Next Trend before others.
This strategy provides an efficient way to get in the market at the top of the wave and ride the trend until it ends.

Use the Fruit for Reversals or Time Entries into Wave 3 or Wave 5

Time Frame: This is our prime strategy for trading the Daily and Weekly Charts. [ONLY]
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Re: The Fruit - A Powerful Trading Strategy

Unread post by kooky »

Hi Immy,
"The Box 2016 Show/Hide Feature helps me see the angle better
I gather this is another Skype only feature as I havent seen it ????

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Re: The Fruit - A Powerful Trading Strategy

Unread post by ElBarto »

I see, I missunderstood your initial post completely, Immy.
Thank you for your detailed reply.
It answered my (further) questions and I took some new insights out of it :-bd .

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Re: The Fruit - A Powerful Trading Strategy

Unread post by immy »

The USD/JPY Fruit short now has its 3rd add on triggered below the second aims box. Its now a fully loaded campaign. We are only waiting for the price to go further down and perhaps somewhere exit on green line, hopefully 2-3 months from now :-B :D
What is the Biggest Hidden Secret of Successful Trading?
The Consistent Pursuit of DS1 :nerd

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Re: The Fruit - A Powerful Trading Strategy

Unread post by immy »

The Search for More

What here the most from new traders is that they are confused. Yet if you tell them, stick to so and so, they just refused to do so. It really frustrates me. :)

e.g. I repeatedly keep saying to new traders, that they need to do the following.
1. Trading Plan
2. Incorporate T20 in to their Trading plan
3. Apply the Setup 1 strategy to 3 H1 Charts

but what do I hear in reply? What is principle C, What is B trap? what BeOB, what is fruit... man, that's not what i'm asking you to do. Focus on what YOU have to do to get to the next stage. Stop confusing yourself by trying to have both legs in two boats, or may be more. Stick to the simplest formula and work on your discipline. but no no no. Nobody wants to do that. Because they think trading is a slot machine. Lets trade here and there and money will start pouring. Nope, not gonna happen. You have to take trading as a business, you gotta plan for it and answer the most important questions. What do you want from trading? What type of trader are you? Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

Discipline is the most important skill one has to work on. If you cannot follow the plan, you will never succeed. But if you don't have a plan then is it logical to expect any success? I don't think so. So create a simple plan, and then make sure you stick to it. The way to stick to your plan is that you should have regular review system. Journal writing on a daily basis keeps in you in touch with your plan, weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews will help you make your trading plan better and more suitable for you. As time passes you will Develop Your Style and it will become more and more clearer to you What type of trader are you?. recently someone sent me a skype message saying they don't know what type of trader they are? ofcourse not. Which is exactly your anwswer. So what would I do at that situation. I will follow the advice and apply 5 batches of T20 trading Setup one on 3 H1 pairs GU, EU and UJ. In doing so, i will achieve two things. I will learn to be disciplined and take the focus of my trading off money and on to "trading correctly". and secondly I will learn about myself , discover who i am in the trading world.

hope it helps..

ps: most people start focusing on the minute littel things that don't really apply to them. They give little important to the BIG things and more to the little things. Forget PC, BeOB, BuOB, Fruit, Btrap, Llama, Scooby, etc. If you're in Stage 1, learning to be disciplined. then focus on what you gotta do, which is take 100 trades in batches of 20 and give your self a score of 1 if you got it right (meaning you followed your trade plan) or 0 if you were not disciplined. Keep doing it until you achieve at least 90% success rate. Does it matter if you make money or lose, grow account or not? not at all. What matters is your ability to follow your plan. Once you do that, you will become member of the 1% group, the elite top of the trading world.
What is the Biggest Hidden Secret of Successful Trading?
The Consistent Pursuit of DS1 :nerd

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Re: The Fruit - A Powerful Trading Strategy

Unread post by Tomi »

Good stuff Immy. It's absolutely like you said. Focus must be in the discipline. Sure everyone would like that money just flows into the account but it won't do that accidentally. Trader must achieve and maintain high level discipline and money can flow to the account as a side product. It's up to market to decide how much.

We have to work like casinos. Casino defines the rules, rules defines their edge and as long as they play with the rules they keep their edge. They don't change rules in some games. Every game is played by the exact same rules as every other game. Just like in trading. Every trade must be traded by the rules and rules defines the ultimate edge. Trader can't have different rules for different trades just based on hunch or some adhoc idea in the middle of a trade. We have an edge and we can utilize the edge by trading by the rules. We have to focus on discipline to trade by the rules and nothing else.

If someone don't know the rules and how those work with the charts, it's a different subject. For that there are many straight-forward ways for proceed: 1) just trade, keep journal and your trading will evolve over time as the experience increases 2) read the documents until you fully understand everything, read again and read again 3) ask questions until everything clicks in place in your brains 4) this is my favorite: install ForexTester2, simulate, simulate, simulate, double your account so many times that you really trust your analysis and the idea that now you know how to utilize the rules.

You have to be a persistent dick. That annoying creature that just won't give up.

Have fun fellows. I will keep my summer holiday now. This year it is on Sunday and Monday. Back to normal trading on Tuesday \:D/