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> Access The Seed Strategy - The Concept and The Indicators
> Strategy Time Frame = H1
> Breakout in the Direction of the Trend
> Multi Time Frame Concept yet traded from Single Chart.
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Unread post by immy »

Note: pdf has been replaced by this post.

I have learned a big lot from all the AIMSters, some other forums related or focused at forex trading and the well-known traders and authors known to most of us namely, Bill Williams and co, Mark Douglas, Joe Ross, Ari Kiev, Brett Steenbarger, Alexander Elder, Steve Nison, Murphy, and a few more. Out of all, over 100 books on trading that I have read and over 50 that I have kept as hard copies, the one I would recommend the most is Trading in the Zone. Whenever I wanted to write something on Trading Psychology, I always stopped at this point, If Trading in the Zone has been written there really is no need for me to write anything more. Honestly, if you have not read Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas stop now and read that book 3 times and then you may resume trading. You must know how your mind works otherwise trading is "a very expensive way to find out who you are".

The Setup:

The setup is a set of rules based on 3 indicators that help us create/spot a pattern in the market that gives us an edge. A statistical advantage that if used correctly would allow us to grow our accounts gradually on a daily weekly or monthly basis. The objective of every trader is indeed, "Achieving Consistency" in trading their Edges/Setup over and over without mistakes as described by Mark Douglas in Trading in the Zone. If you understand and strengthen the belief that trading is a "Pattern recognition numbers game" you will create, automatically, a “Burning Desire for Consistency” and your problem of Self Discipline and Patience will be taken care of automatically. If you believe that you are trading for Consistency and not just putting winning trades only, you will automatically say "NEXT" regardless of the outcome of a trade that you have taken following your trading plan.

We used 3 indicators mainly to help create our setup. The alligator, AIMS Boxes and AIMS Waves. The combination of these indicators together create the setup. The setup is our statistical edge. We all understand that. The next thing we all know is that our aim is to trade Breakouts in the Direction of Higher Time Frame Trends. And so we always try to trade with the higher time frame trend.

An Important Lesson:

Trading the shorter time frames has its advantages and disadvantages.

One huge advantage of lower time frames is Low Risks. 10 Pips Stop Loss Entries are very low risk.

The downside is Screen Time. The more we stay in front of the screen the more we lose focus and make mistakes.

Emotionally Demanding:
The time-space distance between one trade and another is too short. The heat that we feel after we have a losing trade or a mistake trade requires time to dissipate, it needs time to dissolve and neutralise. So when traders trading the shorter faster time frames do not know how to cool down before looking at the markets again, they may put themselves in to a very difficult situation.

When a trader experiences resistance he/she is unable to see the market objectively. A trader experiences resistance when current events (trades) go against his/her “expectations” and he/she is not ok with it then he/she may react negatively resulting in heat, he/she gets emotionally charged. And when this happens, logical thinking, clarity, and objectivity go out of the window. This is called the emotionally charged state of mind, the opposite of “Care Free State of Mind”.

In the emotionally high state of mind, we experience either highly negatively or positively charged energy. That energy is felt by us in the form of emotions such as:

Negatively Charged Emotions

1. Boredom
2. Pessimism
3. Frustration, Irritation or Impatience
4. Overwhelment and Disappointment
5. Doubt / Worry / Blame
6. Discouragement
7. Anger
8. Revenge
9. Rage/Hatred
10. Jealousy
11. Insecurity
12. Guilt and Unworthiness
13. Fear – Grief – Depression – Despair – Powerlessness

(above the worst are red and above no 1 is the bottom of the list below)

Positively Charged Emotions

1. Joy
2. Knowledge
3. Empowerment and Freedom
4. Love
5. Passion

6. Enthusiasm, Eagerness and Happiness
7. Optimism
8. Hopefulness
9. Contentment

(above you want to be in the top 6)

Complete List Should be Like this.

1. Joy
2. Knowledge
3. Empowerment and Freedom
4. Love
5. Passion

6. Enthusiasm, Eagerness and Happiness
7. Optimism
8. Hopefulness
9. Contentment
10. Boredom
11. Pessimism
12. Frustration, Irritation or Impatience
13. Overwhelment and Disappointment
14. Doubt / Worry / Blame
15. Discouragement
7. Anger
16. Revenge
17. Rage/Hatred
18. Jealousy
19. Insecurity
20. Guilt and Unworthiness
21. Fear – Grief – Depression – Despair – Powerlessness

(Thanks Abraham)

The state of mind required for Peak Performance is what we call the state of “Being in The Zone”. It is a Care Free State of Mind. You cannot enter the zone without the following conditions that allow you to enter the zone.

1. Enjoyment – You are having great fun, you are having a blast
2. Focus – You have keen awareness, you are present and alert
3. Relaxation – You are free from extreme anxiety, there is no stress – Care Free
4. Self – Trust – You have confidence in your judgement and in your trading strategy.

It is an absolute MUST that you know what your state of mind is. We as human beings do not stay at one frequency for a longer time. We react and respond to our environment. If there is a negatively charged event sending us impulses, we experience it and react accordingly.

You have a losing trade you react with a negatively charged emotion. You have a winner you go into the state of joy.

When you react negatively, you experience stress. When you are stressed you respond in the Fight or Flight instinct, that we have learned from our ancestors over thousands of generations. At the core of human survival we have two sets of perceptions. We respond with positive emotions and vibrate positive frequency to events that we perceive as positive/good and the opposite for negative/bad events.

Some bad events require us to either Fight it off or run away from it. Both responses are essential for survival. It all depends on the “perception process”. If your mind perceives threat you will automatically respond in one of the two reactions. You will either Fight it or take a Flight.

Ready to Fight!

If you chose to fight, you would experience Anger, Rage, Hatred, and Aggression. Naturally you need stronger muscles and you need quick body actions. Your heart beat starts to race, your body pumps more adrenaline in your body and you’re ready for a fight. Notice how your breathing goes faster when you get angry. Your muscles stretch, your face expressions changes (communicating that you are angry and ready to fight – as a form of deterrent). Animals raise their voices, take stances that make them look bigger etc.

Run for your life!

If you chose to take a flight, you will experience Fear, Insecurity, may be even guilt etc. In animals they stick their tail between their legs and lower their heads to show submission. Here you still require stronger muscles, quicker body movements etc. Your heartbeat and breathing rate goes high. You breathe shallow and quick.

There is yet another way to respond to “perceived threat”.


If you don’t take a flight or fight approach you may surrender to the situation and allow the threat to do whatever it wants to you. You may then experience feeling such as Grief, Depression, and Unworthiness, Fear and Powerlessness.

Every time you put a trade your mind “perceives a threat”. Risk = Perception of threat. You may then respond in either one or combination of the above emotions depending on the response your “personality” type choses or it is used to. Your personality has been developed throughout your life experiences. Your environment, your parents, teachers, friends, media everything has shaped who your are, who you think you are, and who you think what others think you are.

As a trader you need to know how to deal with this. Firstly, you need to know what type of a person you. You need to know, your personality type. Then you may learn how to cope with such situations effectively and efficiently. “Your trading personality must match the markets you trade”.

The Solutions:

Scientists and Spiritual masters have both agreed that peak performances do not occur when we experience emotions/feels such as anger, hatred, fear etc. The bad feelings do not allow you to be more “creative”. You are not intelligent. They agree that the brain sends more blood to parts of the brain that control muscular activity during state of perceived threat. If you’re stressed, the brain shifts bloody from the frontal area, the intelligence part, to the back side of the brain, where the parts of brain that control your muscles etc are located. This allows you to run faster, be ready to fight or run.

They have also found one little technique to bring down the emotional charge to neutral levels. As soon as you experience any of the above, bring yourself to the moment of NOW. It is achieved by simply choosing to observe without judgement. I recommend here reading the famous book of Eckhart Tolle “The power of Now”. An excellent book. The power is NOW. Opportunity is ~Now-Here@.

The Breathing Technique to Enter The Powerful Moment - NOW

Simply focus on your breathing, take deep long slow breath in and out. And think nothing. Just focus on your breathing. Now you are in the now. I recommend 15min daily mind clearing mediations. Just 15 min daily can change your life. You will be more relaxed yet focused, joyful and fun loving person.
You may experience anxiety and stress during trading but within acceptable and healthy levels. Indeed, some degree of stress is necessary to keep you alert and focused but not at levels that deteriorates your ability to perform at peak levels.

The ability to deal with such emotions and feelings can be learned and applied. We as human beings have a natural response time to events in our environment. That response time may be slightly different within a certain range or variance for most of us. Some might have the ability to respond to everything in an extremely robust and quick manner while others, most of us, take our time.

Some trading time frames, do not allow all of us to be able to cope with our emotionally charged conditions. E.g. some people, when they get angry, do not cool down for days, depending on the kind and severity of the event that caused them to be angry. But on average it takes some of us longer than others to cool down.

My Wife and I
My wife and I when we first started dating never experienced anger and frustration that may have resulted into arguments or arguments that may have resulted into anger or frustration etc. We were just madly in love. Until one day, we got married. Then we started yelling at each other. Some days I wished I woke up to a different bed or life. (haha) I learned that my wife could easily get irritated and when angry it would take her up to 3 days to cool down. (Hormonal Imbalance)
That was very strange for me because I cooled down within 5-30 minutes max, even if I was extremely angry. So I learned that we are all different. But another thing that I learned was that we can change it. Change occurs firstly by bringing the problem into our “conscious awareness”. So, we talked about it, read books and implemented techniques. Now she does not get angry often (well not that much haha) but even if she does, if you let her be alone or take a walk (creating space between two negatively charged particles, ie. Me and her) she’s relaxed within 30 minutes.

Are you fit for M1?
Do you think she would have traded even the hourly charts correctly before the change of behaviour? And funny enough, could she trade the M1 Chart? If you require 30 minutes to cool down, trading m1 chart might pose some problems un known to you. These are problems of the mind. Our reaction time to faster time frames is unhealthy.

But if you’re trading higher time frames, you have ample amount of time to apply these techniques. Neutralise your body; get rid of all the emotional charge by breathing in slowing and deeply, taking a walk and just engaging in a fun activity. Simply not being in front of your chart all the time could help dissipate the negative charge. If you know how to deal with this, you'll make a killing on lower time frames; otherwise you'll find it hard just to stay focused and profitable.
Other people have other reasons such as lifestyle, mood swings, attention span and patience related weaknesses or strengths that can have positive or negative effects on their trading.

So here is a cool trick to find out which time is best match to your personality:

Q. How long does it take you to cool down when you’re angry? Or how long does it take you to be happy again when you’re sad? The answer to this question will help you chose what type of time frame you’re designed to be trading by nature. And then how much can you influence and change to adapt to markets or chose markets and time frames that match your personality.

Trading Higher time frames has the following biggest advantages:

1. Less screen time: Reduced screen times has many benefits but most importantly it allows you to disconnect your mind from trading and do something else. Neutralise your mind from any negatively charged trading related thoughts and feelings. When you disconnect you do not empower your trading related stress, anxiety, fears and anger etc. Your emotionally charged sate gets neutralised specially if you know how to enjoy yourself off the screen. A huge advantage over shorter time frames.
2. More time to respond to market situations.
3. Ability to Let your Winners Run for a relatively longer periods of time resulting in trades such as 1:25 and 1:100 type of trades which is not possible on M1 or M5, unless you take entry on M1/M5 and Let it run on Higher Time frames? Hmmm….

The negative points are that you have to require larger stop losses. And even though you may make 100 pips on one trade it still is equal to only a 1:2 trade.

So what if we pick the best of both the worlds? What if we could take the Strengths of M5 and H1 and Eliminate the Weaknesses?
> What about 10-15pips Stop Loss and 100-300 pips gains?
> What about 1% Risk and 10% account Growth?
> What about the ability to Add on to trades and let them run for Days resulting in huge winners?
> What about trading only 8 minutes per day and still grow our account 10-50% per month? How much can you get emotionally charged within 1 min per hour?

Is it even possible?
Oh Yes!

The Setup again:

It is through years of trading and countless hours of testing and statistical analysis (paid analysis) we have discovered that The Setup created by our indicators can still be traded on higher time frames using a candle pattern. The SEED is our key to freedom. Trading less and making more. We need to “put our money to work hard for us and not the other way round”.

We believe that “Higher Probability Setups are Breakout in the Direction of Higher Time Frame Trends”. Let’s suppose we consider H1 as a higher time frame for the purpose of intraday entries. If there is a breakout on H1 in the direction of trend, could we catch those breakouts on M1 or M5 time frames? Of course we can. IS it possible then to use very small risk to get into H1 trends? I think so. Let’s see how we can achieve this.

Don’t forget by trading H1 we would require 8-10 minutes per day to monitor our charts. That is a huge saving of 95% of trading time. It allows us to remain in neutral state of mind most of the day. It lets the Creative part of our brain be more in use instead of the lefty, problem solving one.
The Light Bulb: We have found that any Candle that has a range of 10-20 pips can be traded in the direction of the trend.
Lets see why is it so.

How many m5 candles within a H1 candle? A h1 candle can be broken down to 12 M5 candles or 60 M1 candles. What is the formula for Alligator's Blue line, The balance line? 13 smooth moving average. That means, the gator takes average of the last 13 candles and prints it in the form of a line by connecting averages of high and low price of each candle.

Now think about it. If you see a small candle, on H1, while the trend is clear, you know that the average of the last 12 candles is tight on m5 chart. Lets suppose the candle range of a H1 candle is 10 pips. That means that the last 60 M1 candles ranged between 10 pips or the last 12 m5 candles ranged only between 10 pips up or down. This will certainly put Alligator to sleep, bring AIMS WAVE/ eWAVE / AO / MACD close to ZL and the AIMS Boxes are going to be very tight on m5 and/or m1. When eWave is close to ZL, AIMS Box is Tight and Gator is sleeping, what do we have? THE SETUP.

The first thing then pop in to my head is this. “Ok I'll stay on H1 chart and when I see the trend is confirmed on H1, I'll shift TF and trade m5 or m1 chart and then I'll either manage it on m5 or switch back to H1”.

Now that is correct but still aren't we complicating things again? Yes and no.

Yes, because if you know that SEEDS are tradable situations, why drop to lower time frames. Just trade it in the direction of the trend. No, because in the beginning you would need to do this (spotting the seeds and drop to lower time frame) many times in order to strengthen your belief that such SEEDS really are Setups on M5/M15 charts or sometimes even M1 chart.


The Strategy perfectly incorporates the greatest market fact "Higher Probability Setups and Breakouts in the Direction of Higher Time Frame Trends".

This pattern in the market is a perfect example of Fractal Geometry just like the Elliott Wave. Each fractal formation as a seed fractal. "The seed of the fractal is the pattern defined by the equation which is repeating throughout the fractal. All life on the earth are fractals too. Fractals made of recursive process of progeny. And we make larger fractal patterns like family, community and countries and global. And we are made of smaller fractal patterns – atoms, molecules, cells and organs."

So I am a seed. A recursive pattern. In that sense I am very old. Millions of years old. And I am everywhere. And I am you.

It has ticked all the boxes a successful trading system gives you. It is an integrated solution.

100% OBJECTIVE Entry System (Anyone is able to see whether there is a Long or Short - No more confusion)
100% OBJECTIVE Money and Trade Management.
It is Built on a concept we already trade on a daily basis yet further crystallized. .
It is simple.
It does not involve Lagging or repainting Indicator for entries.
It allows us to take Entries with Very Low Initial Risk with Unlimited (or at least very high) Potential for Profits.
It is integrated approach that allows you to trade at Pivot Point of Time Frames.
It allows us to USE SL Distance equal to that of M1/M5/m15 Time frames but
It allows us to take profits equal to that of H1/H4/D1 Time Frames
e.g. in most cases a Max 20 Pip Stop Loss Required with over 100-300 pips winners.

It has the least amount of screen time making you Work Less and Making Your Money Work Hard for you.
Work Less Make More by Minimizing screen time and prolonging trade times. Losing trades last minutes, winning trades could last days/weeks or even months.

We often Forget so we must make sure we always remind ourselves. Our mind really works like THE RAM of your computers.
Remember This:

THE SEED Entry Mechanism?

The Seeds are small Inside Bars or Doji Bars. The concept is:
An Inside Bar on H1 is Most of the Time A Good Setup on M5/M15.

These small inside bars or doji or doji type inside bars create lovely S1 or S2 on lower time frames, allowing us to take Higher Probability Breakouts in the Direction of Higher Time Frame Trends.

This strategy gives huge edge in terms of

1. Low Risk Entries with higher multiple of potential rewards. Talk 1:10 1:20
2. The Entry Setup is Extremely Objective. There is no need to check 3 or 5 variables to form a Setup. Just a single candle formation is all you need. It is indeed very objective.
3. The trade and money management gives us huge advantage by allowing us to get into the “care free state of mind” by turning our trades into free trades.

The free trades concept eliminates the “perceived threat” situation. It also helps us feel that we are consistently winning. We pay ourselves when the market makes money available.

How to Trade The SEED Strategy
Note: We now use Grants The Seed Flow Chart for Trading Seeds and Cherries. Refer to Page 162 of Grant's Journal. Click
Edit: 1 Aug 2016: That has now fully grown into AIMS The Hunt Strategy. The above does not apply to Seed entries now. Rather The Seed has grown into AIMS The Box Strategy.[Here]

Entry Signal: Small Inside Bar or Doji on H1 Above/Below Gator.

Long Entries: IB or DOJI above Gator (direction of trend)
Short Entries: IB or DOJI below Gator (direction of trend)

Trend Direction: Gator and AO direction and/or Elliott Wave Count.

Trade Management:

Long: Open 2 Positions each 0.5% 1 pip + spread above high of IB with SL 1pip below Low of IB.
Put TP at 1:1 for one position and no TP for the other position.

Short: Open 2 Positions each 0.5% 1 pip below Low of IB and SL 1pip + spread above high of IB.
Put TP at 1:1 for one position and no TP for the other position.
At 1:1 Close 1 Position by letting it hit its TP and Trail the second entry using AIMS levels and Gator Lines with intent to let it run until the end of the trend. One way to trail is Trailing AIMS, another is to use Fib Retracement tool and put SL below 50 or 38% and keep moving each time there is new swing high or low.

There are Two Ways of Trading the Seed.
1. Spot a SEED on H1 (IB OR DOJI or DOJI Type IB) and Trade the breakout of the high and low in the direction of the trend. (Simpler quicker)
2a. Spot a SEED on H1 and drop to M5 or M15 and see if it’s a proper S1 or S2. Trade the setup and use MM and TM based on M5 or M15 chart
2b. Spot a SEED on H1 and drop to M5 or M15 and see if it’s a proper S1 or S2. Trade the setup and switch back to H1 and mange on H1.


I wish you all the best. The strategy is simple and highly profitable. But you will see some drawdowns and periods of in activity. That’s what will separate you from the you that is successful and the you that is not yet that.

Here are links to Posts that will help understand the concept.

Trade Management - The Life Blood of this strategy. http://www.itradeaims.net/forum/viewtop ... 440#p11748" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
The Picture that we Trade Called THE SETUP : http://www.itradeaims.net/forum/viewtop ... 460#p11868" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
The Importance "Position of the Setup" within a Higher Time Frame Trend/Wave http://www.itradeaims.net/forum/viewtop ... 460#p11874" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Understanding Waves and AIMS Boxes http://www.itradeaims.net/forum/viewtop ... 520#p12062" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Understanding Waves http://www.itradeaims.net/forum/viewtop ... 520#p12066" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
The SEED http://www.itradeaims.net/forum/viewtop ... 520#p12067" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

AIMS Range Indicator:
This indicator will help you match H1 IB's high and lows and the AIMS Boxes on m15 or M5 time frame. Good for training.

The Seed Indicator - Training and Research
AIMS Range 1 - Draw Horizontal Lines

The Seed Indicator - Training and Research
AIMS Range 2. - Draws IB on H1 and shows same range in the form of a box on lower time frames. (recommended)

Edit: 30 May 2013
The Seed Template V1.5

The Seed Indicator V1.5

The Fruit Indicator

Acknowledgement: Mark Douglas, Bill Williams, Forex Factory, Abraham Hicks, Brett Steenbarger.

Examples of The Fruit
The Seed and The Fruit.png
TheFruit and The Seed.png
The Seed and The Fruita.png
The Seed and The Fruitb.png
The Seed and The Fruitc.png
The Seed and The Fruitd.png
TheFruit and The Seed Cable Daily.png

The Bud Entry Technique - Introduced on the 24th of September Visit this link http://www.itradeaims.net/forum/viewtop ... 266#p13219" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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What is the Biggest Hidden Secret of Successful Trading?
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Re: The SEED

Unread post by immy »

AIMS The Seed V2.2 is available for download

New Features:
> Bugs Removed
> Push, Email and Popup Alert Added
> Option for not showing coloured bars added. The bars are coloured red or green based on momentum taken from AO. You can now switch them on or off if you like.
> Option to show or not show The Seed Bars added.

Thanks Steve!

Edited: 11 June 2014

Here is my Latest AIMS Seed Template and Indicator. Very Simple.

AIMS H1 Template with Seed

AIMS Seed Simple Indidcator

Note: If you want you can attach the normal Fruit indicator to it and save over.

Updated: 08 July 2015

AIMS The Seed Grant's Rules

As you might be aware, specially if you're a Skype member, that Grant's trading Seeds on M1 Dax. He has come up with an amazingly accurate set of rules to filter seeds. He has created a simple flow chart for it. His results , which you could see in the seed thread as well as his journal, have been astounding. 20% growth per month on average , trading only part time is simply fantastic. The good thing is that its so simple and objective everyone can follow it and copy his style.

Now MAGIC Happens when you come up with a set of rules and a flow chart. That's becasue STEVE the magician codes the logic into an indicator. Yes, he's done it again. So Steve coded the flow chart into a NEW SEED Indicators. Basically it filters many seeds. You will only see seeds that are in line with current and 5x HTF trend.

Here is the Indicator... ENJOY

Updated 11 Sep 2015.

AIMS The Seed Grant Rules Indicator
AIMS The Seed Grant Rules.ex4
This is the Latest Indicator we use for Trading According Grant's Flow Chart.

Note 1: Star Bars are bars that appear first in the sequence after cross of zero line in eWave/AO/AIMS Wave.
Note 2: All previous seed indicators and templates have been abandoned. The Seed eBook will be created and updated soon. This will replace all the previous techniques of trading Seed.

We trade this strategy in the Skype room. We explain in Skype how to trade The Seeds Cherries and Apples
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
What is the Biggest Hidden Secret of Successful Trading?
The Consistent Pursuit of DS1 :nerd

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How to Let it Run and Run and a bit more....

Unread post by immy »

Darren: you asked for it! I love people who get involved...
thank you....
The Seed and The Fruita.png
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
What is the Biggest Hidden Secret of Successful Trading?
The Consistent Pursuit of DS1 :nerd

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Re: The SEED

Unread post by snorm »

Immyster ... I stayed up all night and analysed one years worth of IBs on AU, EU, GU and EJ H1 charts for you. I painstakingly typed all the results into spreadsheets for you (ok, so I didn't really stay up all night and there wasn't much painstaking going on).

Some interesting results there and some nice pips ... :-B
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Re: The SEED

Unread post by immy »


Thank You Very Much... That shows thousands of pips during the last year or so...
What is the Biggest Hidden Secret of Successful Trading?
The Consistent Pursuit of DS1 :nerd