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History of Memberships:
2011- Standard Membership: Access to Most part of Included Setup 1 and Journals Section
2012 - Premium Membership: Access to Setup 1 strategy and indicators, The Fruit strategy and Indicators, The Mind Section.
2014 - The Seed Strategy was added to become part of AIMS Premium Membership.
2015 - The HUNT Section was added but NOT part of the "then" Premium Membership. Hunt strategy was part of AIMS Live Trading Room Monthly Subscription.
2017 - was disbanded. Forum was integrated into our NEW Site under Sales of All previous Memberships Discontinued - We then added 2 ways to Join AIMS. 1. NEW Premium MEmbership was Launched plus additional product of 2. AIMS Live Trading Room Monthly Subscription.
At this time we sent out emails to all previous members a heavily discounted offer to upgrade their membership to NEW Premium Membership or continue to keep access to Forum only. But we gave access to the NEW Dashboard as well without charge. This offer came to an end 3 years later Dec 31, 2019.
2021 - Premium and NEW Premium Memebrship will no longer be offered after end of March 2021. Ther will be further NEW options. Gold and Platinum Packages and the ability to buy individual courses. Coming Soon!!!

May the "pips" be with you!!!

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Risk Management & Position Sizing

80% of Trading Success Depend on The Mind
90% of Trading Profitability and Consistent Growth Depends on Correct Risk Management
Discus Risk and Money Management Options
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